Boston Rehab Programs

Like any other large city in the nation, Boston has many drug and alcohol rehab programs to choose from. Finding the right program for your situation is a key factor for lasting recovery.

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The largest reduction in rehab program admissions in Boston over the past decade has been for those using cocaine and crack. Those seeking help for cocaine specifically have dropped from more than 6,300 to less than 3,900 over that time period. The majority of other substances have remained relatively the same, with the exception of alcohol, or saw slight reductions that compounded over time.

Types of Rehab Programs

Boston drug rehab helpThere are several different types of rehab programs available for people from Boston seeking treatment. Some of the programs are more suited for different substances, while other characteristics may include severity of addiction, specialty populations or client needs, etc.

Additional Boston rehab program characteristics include what type of payment is accepted, any insurance carriers they work with, gender specifications, co-occurring disorder treatment such as other mental health conditions, special language needs, DUI or drug court referrals and other types of criminal justice clients.

All of these factors and more should be considered when searching for the right rehab program for yourself or someone else from Boston. This is something we can help you with, so contact one of our counselors today.

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